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Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Biografi Master Deddy Corbuzier

For more than 10 years, Deddy Corbuzier has made a big differences in entertainment and magic Industry. The TV Shows and Publicty Stunts which he has made has been astonishing all Indonesians. One of the pers community in Indonesia (C&R) awarded him as the most inspiring artis of the year. He has changed the look of magic as an entertainment in Indonesia. His unique style and his way of life has made him as a public figure.

The way peope look at magic as an old and classic has been changed 180 degree into a modern art of Magic. He called himself as mentalist and the magic is the mentalism. He has drove a car blindfolded, he has found people's lost belonging blinfolded, he has predicted the headline of a famoust newspaper, He has climbed a wall by walking vertical, even he cooperate with police department to solve some of the hardest investigation cases. All of this done by his power of mind.

His creations has been in the spot of media and in magic community. Base on his education on psychology, he published 2 books for public which are "DIVKA" and "MANTRA". Both has been a best seller's book over several years in most bookstore in Indonesia. A mental tricks called "Free Will" and "Nocturnal Book Test" are the result of his knowledge and deducation in magic world. Both has been used by many of the famoust magicians in the world. Deddy Corbuzier also work together with Doug Higley to create one of his easy-to-do mentalism game called "Tool Free".

The latest book from Deddy Corbuzier is the "Book of Magic", a beginner book to learn magic and sold more than 50.000 copy on the first year.

Deddy Corbuzier has received many awards over the few years, he once caled as the best mentalist on earth. Many national records has been received, such as the longest driving a car blindfolded, the longest magic show, etc. All of these are non-profit acts or for charity purposes and one of the result of his dedication in entertainment industry.

All of this began when he was 8 years old. Young Deddy saw a magician made a bird appears on his hand and change a wand into a flower. He began searching the knowledge on this field of art by learning from some of Indonesian's famoust magicians at that time. After he mastered some simple tricks, Young Deddy wanted more spectacular magic to learn. He bought many books to fulfill his curiosity. By the age of 12, he began his professional journey and start to performed at "Dunia Fantasy Ancol".

Deddy Corbuzier started to learn Mental Magic when he got a chance to go to Israel. At that time he realized that there are many forms of Magic. He tried hard to learn mental magic and since then, he decided to dedicate his life for magic.

By the age of 18, he signed an 7 years contract with one of International's Hotel and there he found his own true character. The result, he got a contract with one of Indonesian's TV station (RCTI) for 4 years to performed at "IMPRESARIO" TV shows and broadcasted all over Indonesia, reaching an estimated audience of over 100 million people.

In his professional career, He has made some of the top rating's TV Shows such as "Deddy Corbuzier Mind Games", "1604", "Mentalist in Action", "Mind & Magic with Todd Diamond", "Magic with Jeff McBride", "Deddy Corbuzier and Pierre Ginnet (Master of Pickpocket)", "Deddy Corbuzier and Jay Scott Barry". The Latest are "Master Mentalist (RCTI)", "The Master (RCTI), and "The Master Junior (RCTI), "Raja Sulap (Indosiar)". He also consulted some TV Shows such as "Hipnotist (Romy Rafael)" and "Memang Sulap Memang Sihir (Indonesian's Monkey Magic)".

At the year 0f 1998, he founded a magic community and management called "Pentagram Management" and he has born many professional magicians and entertainers such as Romy Rafael, Demian Aditya, Bow Vernon, Faro, Decky San, and Oge Arthemus. At the year of 2007, Pentagram Management has been changed into Corbuzier Management.

By the time he built his professional career, He hasn't forget what he's been dreaming off, to turn magic into something more entertaining and more prestige in Indonesia. He has this passion over the years and then he founded the Corbuzier School of Magic and Corbuzier Magic Shop. He wanted to create more professional young magicians whose qualified to be the best in entertainment and magic industry. He also conducted many lectures for magicians and also for non-magicians.

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